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27th Apr 2017

We really can’t see the latest eyebrow trend catching on…

Cathy Donohue

When will it stop?

From unicorn frappucino hair to stick-on freckles, there’s any number of random beauty trends flying around the internet.

Brow trends might be the biggest…Feather brows, eyebrow jewellery and now we have ‘barbed wire brows’.

Yep, the trend where your brow hair appears to be going in all different directions was coined by MUA Athena Paginton and it’s getting lots of attention on social media.

As you’ll see from the comments on her Instagram post, some think it’s a pretty cool look while others are trying to understand just what the hell is going on.

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It definitely makes a change from the angled arch we’re familiar with but somehow, we can’t see it catching on.

When you think about this particular look, it takes enough time to shape your brows in the morning without trying to set them in opposite directions.

Whatever next!

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