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16th Jan 2014

Realistic or Really Unnecessary? What American Apparel Did Next

A step in the right direction, or just another stunt?

As far as high street fashion goes, American Apparel are about as controversial as a brand gets. 

The retailers have an approach to publicity that would split most people firmly into the Love or Hate camps, and we suspect their latest innovation may have a similar effect.

In a new window display, currently seen on New York’s East Houston Street, American Apparel have featured a somewhat more natural looking mannequin.

The plastic figures in question look as fake and waxy as ever, but now they’re sporting some rather prominent pubic hair. As the mannequins have only been dressed in the sheerest of undergarments, it seems safe to say the ‘fully grown’ style is there to be noticed.


Photo by Jen Chung, via Gothamist

While any move that sees retailers paint a more realistic picture of their customer’s body is welcome, usually this refers to the size discrepancy between the average woman and the models chosen for campaigns, not the appearance of a mannequin’s bikini line.