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20th May 2016

PICS: MUA tries to hide sister’s eyepatch… the result is STUNREAL


Sisters are a blessing and a curse.

You love them, but only when they’re not stealing your clothes, reading your text messages, telling your ma about your love life or pulling your hair in a fight – the bitches!

For the most part – age and personality depending – you can rely on them to be there for you when times get really tough.

And there’s very little as tough as getting a corneal abrasion and having to wear an eyepatch when you’re a fully grown adult woman… which is exactly what happened Jessie Collins’ sister.

Jessie, a beauty therapist and make up artist, decided to help her sibling out after she found herself in a spot of bother.

We all know how well concealer can camouflage a blemish but being the loving sister that she is, Jessie went one step further and made light of a very painful situation with a smokey eye, eyeliner Adele would envy and some fake lashes

The result… stunning.

Absolutely stunreal.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.30.06

I grew up with a lazy eye, idolising Gabrielle and three sisters. I only wish I’d an eye patch half as glam.

For the night that’s in it…

Thanks to Jessie for tagging us in this one on Instagram.

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