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14th Sep 2012

New Research Reveals That It’s What’s Inside That Counts and Not Physical Beauty

A study has shown that women feel that a person's personality is what makes them beautiful.

They say that beauty is only skin-deep and it must be true because new survey has shown that women are prouder of their personalities than their dazzling looks.

The study, which was carried out by Arbonne International, questioned 1000 women and asked them what made a beautiful woman with most citing internal attributes at the top of the list.

Kindness, a sense of humour, good manners, compassion, intelligence and unselfishness all made the top ten list while physical attributes such as flawless skin, a great smile and bright eyes made the top twenty.

The women were also asked to compile a profile of their idea of a perfect woman and she emerged as brunette and between the sizes of 10 and 12.

Kelly Lloyd-Sanderson, a spokesperson for Arbonne said: ”It’s refreshing to see that so much of what women believe to be beautiful is linked to positive aspects of character, rather than too heavy a focus on appearance.

Women think personality is what makes them beautiful

”The results show a healthy blend between being a strong, happy and compassionate woman and an appreciation for the physical side of beauty.

”The modern day profile of a beautiful woman is very relatable and far from what some see as a media-enhanced unreachable version of beauty.”

”It’s reassuring to see that women have a grounded view of what they believe makes a person attractive and that it’s not something dependent on money, status or power.

”In fact, the profile of beauty shown here is almost modest and shows that what is more important is a focus on self-development and happiness with yourself, rather than concentrating on an airbrushed idea of what beauty is.” always knew that it’s what inside that counts and now we have proof!