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08th Mar 2022

Negative space liner is the coolest new makeup trend – here’s how to do it

It’s all in the eyes.

Negative space eyeliner is our latest obsession.

The bold, experimental look can immediately take your eyeliner game to the next level.

It’s kind of like the opposite of a cat-eye flick – negative space eyeliner focuses on leaving a blank space between the eyelashes and the outside edge of your flick.

Essentially, it’s a cat eye that hasn’t been filled in and it relies on the empty space to create a dramatic look, rather than the actual eyeliner.

Makeup lovers everywhere first took note when celebrities like Lily Collins and Emma Watson tried out the ultra-glam look.

But now, it’s morphed into something a little more elaborate and experimental – plus it’s another to add to the long list of looks popularised by Euphoria.

It might seem a little more out-there than traditional liner, but don’t let that scare you off because it’s nowhere near as hard as it looks.

To start, all you’ll need is some liquid or gel eyeliner, and a steady hand, and create the flick shape you would normally. But instead of filling in the cat eye, just draw the outline.

Once you’ve perfected the basics, you can then move on to creating some more interesting looks.

For example, you can do a basic cat eye along at the base of the eyelashes, and draw another “floating” liner just above the crease, leaving negative space in between. And don’t be afraid to get colourful!


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Concealer will work wonders to help sharpen your negative space eyeliner and really make it stand out – as well as correct any mistakes you might have made during the process.

And if you really want your negative space eyeliner to pop, add some highlighter to finish things off. Place a dab in the inner corners of your eyes, or with a pearl or light pink toned highlighter, apply to the negative spaces of bare skin between your liner.

Simply stunning!