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21st Aug 2023

This mermaid eyes beauty trend is easier to do than it looks

Hailey Bieber’s current beauty fave – iridescent, wet-look, mermaid eyes – doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s some trend inspo to try for yourself…

Also known as ‘mermaidcore’ (why does everything get a ‘core’ lately?) Mrs Bieber’s simple but impactful eye makeup look has taken off on TikTok, with thousands of copycat looks to take inspiration from.

It’s much simpler than it might look to achieve – just think ethereal, understated, dream-like and you’ll be on the right track.

@victorialyn @Hailey Bieber Mermaid Eyes??‍♀️ Loved this look! @Nikki_makeup This is my fav summer trend rn? #makeup #beauty #haileybieber #mermaidcore ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

The key thing to remember is to be light-handed with the rest of your makeup – soft, diffused skin, a barely there lip and a light layer of mascara are the best accompaniments to this particular eye look.

@livvi.girl attempting a mermaid core inspired look ✨ mermaid core makeup tutorial ?‍♀️ so much fun creating this look, iridescent shades are key ✨ #mermaid #makeup #makeuptutorial #fyp ♬ Mermaid Song – ConcernedApe

There’s room to go all out – see below – by adding pearls, false lashes, glitter or even a mermaid wig, if you want to really commit and do the full bit.

The core things to remember are:

  1. Start with prep – Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer is a great way to lay the foundation for a look like this so that your own natural eyelid colouring doesn’t scupper the wet-look vibes.
  2. Choose your base colour – whether it’s a blue, pink, purple or a more natural peach shade, lay down a layer of colour for the shimmer to settle on to. The Too Faced Too Femme palette has lots of shades to choose from.
  3. Use your fingers to apply the shimmering colour over the top – Danessa Myricks is hands down the best for chrome shades, her Infinite Chrome Flakes in shade Strobe Light are perfect for achieving the ethereal mermaidcore shine.
@hannahhennigar Mermaid core make up???‍♀️ • foundation skin illuminator from@lauramercier • concealer from @kosas • bronzer, on-the-glow bronze from @pixibeauty • blush from @flavedoandalbedo shade Rose • loose setting powder, shade Rose Laura Mercier • highlighter/eyeshadow from @@kvdbeauty • glitter • mascara telescope lift from @lo@lorealparislip liner shade iconic nude from @ch@charlottetilbury lip blush from @yo@youthforiame#mermaide#mermaidcorei#sirene#mermaidcorefashione#mermaidcoreaesthetice#mermaidcoremakeupa#makeuptutorialu#summeru#summervibes ♬ som original – leticia