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10th Dec 2018

Marissa on the ‘beast’ that could change the entire industry

Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics. 

Everything great was once just an idea.

It was an idea over six years ago that sparked the revolutionary Cocoa Brown tan and today it’s Marissa Carter’s Carter Beauty Cosmetics range that has the potential to change the beauty industry as we know it.

In our six-part docu-series we go #BehindTheBrand to follow Marissa and her team through the entire process of building a brand and planning the big reveal! In Episode 6: It Has Arrived — we got even more insight into the mind and future plans of our oh, so savvy home-grown beauty guru. Speaking about future plans for the all-new Carter Beauty Cosmetics range, Marissa says;

“We set the bar for quality right up here… when Cocoa Brown launched nearly six years ago we were constantly compared to a luxury brand of tan that retailed in and around the €40 mark.

Episode 6: It Has Arrived

“No one could believe when Cocoa Brown launched just how good the product was and that they were able to get it at such an accessible and affordable price, and since Cocoa Brown launched, all of the other tanning brands have come down in price or have special offers on all the time.

“So we changed the market, we raised the bar in terms of quality and we took tan out of a niche market — we made it accessible and affordable for everyone.

“That’s what we wanna do with Carter Beauty – we want to take the luxury and quality that you expect from the high end brands, give it to customers at an affordable and accessible price and really, really piss off our competitors.

“…for the moment I’m pretty content just focusing on Carter Beauty and turning it into the beast that I want it to be.”

Sounds good to us!

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Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics