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27th Feb 2013

Makeup Mistakes: The Methods That Make You Look Old!

Your face is changing so your makeup must too...


You probably think that cleansing, toning, moisturising and using an eye-cream are the keys to eternal youth – or tricking people into thinking you’re younger anyway – but your makeup routine might be un-doing all your good work and actually make you appear much older.

From too much foundation to crazy colours, we reveal ten of the most ageing makeup mistakes that should be avoided at all costs!

1. Don’t dig your foundations too deep 

You might think that caking on the slap will hide a multitude of sins but when it comes to foundation, less is definitely more. A light liquid foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly will even out imperfections.

2. Banish bags 

As you get older, the dreaded black bags become the bane of your life but if you think the best way to conceal them is under inches of product think again, because it actually makes them worse. Choose a concealor with light reflecting particles and make sure you go for a slightly paler shade than the rest of your foundation.

3. GHD detox 

An over-dependence on hair straightners and other heated styling tools dry out your hair, so to prevent it from looking wiry and frazzled, try to wean yourself off your GHD and indulge your locks in an uber moisturising mask once a week.

4. Protect your pout 

Loss of collagen as you mature means a once plump pout will get thinner and a bit wrinkly by the time you hit your mid 30s. To keep your smacker in tip-top condition, make sure you apply a moisturising balm regularly.

5. Walk the line 

You might think that a bold eyeliner look is needed to help define your eyes but harsh black kohl on the upper and lower lash lines will make your eyes look smaller and give your overall appearance a harsh feel.

6. Lose the lashes 

Long fluttery (and dare we say slightly drag queen inspired) false lashes won’t make you look younger, they’ll only accentuate the fact that you’re getting older! Go for a lash thickening mascara instead or single lashes that can be inserted individually.

7. Banish shine 

Enlarged pores are a common occurrence as your skin ages, which means extra oil on your t-zone. Combat shiny patches with a light dusting of translucent or pressed powder over your nose and forehead.  

8. Don’t blush too hard

A sweep of colour on the apples of your cheeks will shave years off you but blusher overload will have the opposite effect, so make sure you choose a light pink or peach shade and don’t be too heavy handed.

9. Bin the bold colours

Experimenting with unusual colours is sometimes the best part about makeup but unfortunately, as you get older, neon eyeshadow and deep purple lipstick might not be the best idea. Stick to natural nude shades and classic reds and corals for a more youthful feel.

10. Keep your mitts baby soft

From sun damage to freezing cold temperatures, your hands get a bashing all-year-round, so it’s not surprising that they age faster than your face. Keep them in check by using a thick luxurious hand cream and always wear gloves when cleaning or washing the dishes.