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26th Jan 2020

The €17 stunner from MAC will be the best beauty buy you ever make



You know those beauty products that you just can’t live without?

We all have them – our go to choices no matter what the occasion is.

There’s one particular makeup product that I have been using since I was 16, and I have never looked back.

My favourite eyeshadow is (and always will be) Amber Lights by MAC Cosmetics.

It is that perfect shade of golden amber, that suits every single skin tone.


And what I really love is the fact that it can be worn on its own – no need to pack 42 different shades for a weekend away.

If you bring Amber Lights, you’ll literally need nothing else.

I know this because I’m wearing it as I write this, with just a lick of mascara.

And the best thing about all MAC eyeshadows is the fact that they cost just €17, and last AGES.

The pigment is so strong in them that they last, so you won’t find yourself buying one every couple of months.


What’s not to love?

And if you’re looking for a colour to match with it, I recommend Brown Down (also from MAC).

In fact, you can always make your own customisable palette, which would be better value in the long run.

Either way, enjoy making Amber Lights your new fave!

You can buy it here now.