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20th Mar 2014

Lovely Legs – Get the Celebrity Pins Look with Cocoa Brown

Make sure you're stepping out in style with some help from Cocoa Brown.

Forget about getting ahead, if you want the celebrity look it’s all about getting a leg-up!

Perfect pins are one of the hallmarks of a superstar look, and perfect in this instance can come in all shapes and sizes, it just means looking flawless and feeling fierce.

Today, we’re paying tribute to some of the famous ladies with the finest pins in the business, and giving you the lowdown on how to recreate that look for your next night on the tiles, using products from one of our favourite beauty ranges – the homegrown and fabulous Cocoa Brown.


Perfect Pins – Beyonce

Beyonce’s legs are fierce, much like the rest of her. No twigs, this lady needs strong and beautiful legs to work hard every time she’s killing it on stage. Respect.


Step one to great legs – Play It Smooth

To get your skin smooth as silk you’ll need to get rid of any stubborn tan stains and exfoliate dead cells into oblivion. Step right up TOUGH STUFF, (€7.99), a no-nonsense scrub for rough areas such as  knees, elbows and feet. This is the perfect product to prep your skin before tanning – a great base is half the work!



Perfect Pins – Katy Perry

This California Gurl might be sporting a sun-kissed glow, but naturally she’s just as pale as we are! Katy is a smart cookie and knows it’s always best to fake it, not bake it. Protect your skin and get your glow the safe way!


Step one to great legs – Fake It 

Take one step in the right direction by treating yourself to LOVELY LEGS, (€7.99). This spray is the latest innovative self-tanning product from Marissa Carter, a tanning make-up that you spray directly onto your legs, instantly giving you a natural, bronzed and flawless Cocoa Brown tan.


Perfect Pins – Nicole Scherzinger

Scherzy might be all kinds of cray-cray on the X Factor but this girl knows more than a thing or two about looking good. We can’t all have her caramel skin gifted to us by nature though – so we need a little helping hand!

The X Factor: London Auditions - Red Carpet Arrivals

Step one to great legs – Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

It’s all well and good getting your tan sorted, but the key is looking after it once your application is done! Using CHOCOLATE WHIP, (€5.99), as part of your tanning regime will ensure your tan fades slowly and evenly. Most body lotions currently on the market contain oil, which causes your tan to fade unevenly.


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