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01st Sep 2022

How to look after your skin while at Electric Picnic this weekend

We got you.

When we’re at festivals, all beauty and styling standards go out the window. We don’t care about showers, baby wipes do the job and we completely neglect our skincare (usually just putting our makeup on over the same layer from the day before).

Our skin care is one of those things we should never neglect, even at a festival. Consistency is what makes it work, and we could end up breaking out if we leave it for even a few days.

While the weather may not be looking good for the weekend, the sun will still be out and it can still cause damage – even if it’s cloudy.

If you’re going to bring one skincare product, make it an SPF. A small enough bottle is good enough and popping it on before you put your make up on is a necessity. If you can get your hands on a spray bottle to put in your fanny pack, even better.

If you’re not the type to put sunscreen over your makeup, get a SPF powder and keep reapplying – it will be a life saver.

When it comes to cleansing, it gets more complicated. We’re all going to be using make up wipes and while they’re never the best option to remove make up with, they’re definitely the easiest and once we’re taking it off that’s the main thing.

If you’re really in the mood to scrub your face (but probably won’t be), you can head over to the showers or water refill stations to cleanse and wash off. Or better yet, bring a few facecloths, wash your face at the tent and wet the clothes to wipe it off. Not ideal but does the job.

We all know not matter how much water we bring, we’re not going to drink nearly enough to get us through and will be at the Heineken stand as soon as it opens. To keep your skin hydrated, bring your hyaluronic acid. She’ll do wonders for you and if your skin is hydrated before putting your make up on, it will last longer.

If you have a hydrating facial mist, pop that in your fanny pack, it will feel like the most relaxing thing halfway through Dermot Kennedy’s set.

Or even just pack a moisturiser, we’re not animals.