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06th Jul 2012

Lip Gloss Versus Lipstick

It's a tough decision to make but someone has got to do it. Find out who chooses what in our lip gloss versus lipstick debate.

Rebecca says: Lipstick

If you’d asked me this question a year and a half ago I would have said lip gloss hands down. But last summer I realised the full potential of lipstick and haven’t looked back since.

As someone with a pale complexion I had always avoided lipstick like the plague through fear that it would make me look even paler and wouldn’t suit my skin tone. Then one day in August last year, and due to the encouragement of my friends, I took the plunge and bought a bright pink lipstick. 

Even when I got home I was still unsure of whether I had made the right decision. Then I got the opportunity to wear it on a night out and it looked fabulous! Even if I do say so myself. In fact I didn’t need any other makeup to look dressy.

This is one of the many reasons I love lippie. You don’t need to wear anything else apart from a little foundation and a subtle touch of blusher. If that’s not economical makeup application, I don’t know what is!

But anyway back to my lipstick epiphany, I started to buy more all the while testing what shades suited me. I tend to stick to bright reds and pinks for nights out, and save pale pinks for work.

When you think about it, you may as well go for lipstick because it gives you the colour of a lip gloss without the shiny or sticky finish. And who wouldn’t want that? Hello, you didn’t spend ages curling your hair for it to stick to your lips as soon as you step out the door!

As if that’s not all reason enough Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Gwen Stefani are all fans of lipstick. Yep, thought that would do it.


Amy says: Lip Gloss

If I had to take one thing to a desert island with me, it would be a tube of lip gloss. Sounds like an odd choice, I know, but such is my addiction to a good gloss that I’m pretty sure I would always choose it over anything else to accompany me on said island.

Eh…except Michael Fassbender, but then again, would I really want him to see me without lip gloss? #firstworldproblems.

In fairness though, my love affair with lip gloss began a LONG time before my love affair with the Fassbender. Ah yes, I remember the day I bought my first tube of the stuff. I was only thirteen and I felt like such a grown up as I slicked it onto my lips.

I’ve tried to make the big switch to lipstick numerous times over the past few years, but my dedication to lip gloss just keeps on bringing me back. Why do I favour it over a classic red lippie? Well, lip gloss is awesome for starters.

Lip gloss doesn’t dry out your lips as much as lipstick, so your pout remains full and sumptuous and doesn’t dissolve into a cracked mess. As soon as you slick on some gloss, your lips look instantly plumped up and gorgeous.

The colour of a lip gloss can be just as vivid as lipstick and it has the same staying power (providing you don’t kiss too many handsome men). Finally, the glittery sheen that’s in lip gloss highlights your pout, making sure that your kissable lips catch the eye of the object of your affections.

I know lipstick has benefits, but I’d choose a good gloss every single time.