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16th Aug 2023

Linen blonde is the hair colour everyone wants this autumn

When it comes to autumn hair, we often think of auburn hues and deeper browns – but this season is shaping up to see a completely different colour take the forefront.

Blonde is never a colour we’d put with autumn time, yet ‘linen blonde’ is taking over.

Linen clothing is always an effortless way to go when styling outfits due to their neutral tones and the versatility of the colours – so why wouldn’t the same apply to our hair?

With soft and quieter tones, this natural hair colour gives the same effect that linen clothing does in early autumn. Aimed as more of a transitional shade, this colour doesn’t have to be just blonde – it can vary anywhere from beige hues to light brown.

According to hairstylist Tim Mathé, linen blonde is unlike the typical platinum or icy blonde as it is much more neutral and therefore easier to take care of.