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01st Aug 2012

Lashes Top List of Women’s Holiday Must-Haves

Mascara topped the list of women's must-haves on holidays... surpassing bronzer and even suntan lotion.

We are always jealous of the minority who were blessed with lovely, long, dark eyelashes.

And, ironically, more often than not it seems to be the men who were lash-lucky.

It makes sense so how long lashes top the list of female holidaymakers’ beauty must-haves this summer.

Waterproof mascara heads the list of essential beauty holiday-brings, the vacation items a woman could not manage without.

The study showed 40 per cent of women questioned view mascara as far more important to take on holidays with them than lipstick, or even suntan lotion (oh no).

The survey was carried out by Debenhams department store, who questioned a total of 2,000 women about the beauty and healthcare items they could never leave behind.

Tinted moisturiser came in second place with 14 per cent, the foundation substitute a lighter option for hot weather. Bronzer came in third place with 11 per cent, us pale-faced folk intent on looking like we have a natural glow even before the bikinis are whipped out.

Stressing the importance of going waterproof, the store’s beauty director, Sara Stern said women know they’re craving the Monroe rather than the Manson look.

However, the store was also keen to stress the need for skin protection.

“Women seem to be forgetting one incredibly important basic-lotion,” Sara said.


Women’s Holiday Must-Haves

  1. Waterproof mascara – 40 per cent
  2. Tinted moisturiser – 14 per cent
  3. Bronzer – 11 per cent
  4. Lip gloss – 10 per cent
  5. Suntan Lotion – 8 per cent
  6. Eyeliner – 6 per cent
  7. Exfoliator – 5 per cent
  8. Eyeshadow – 3 per cent
  9. Lipstick – 2 per cent
  10. Concealer – 1 per cent