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26th Nov 2018

James Kavanagh is obsessed with this beauty product and to be fair, it’s gorg

Amy Nolan

James Kavanagh is obsessed with this beauty product and to be fair, it's gorg

I’m a BIG fan of it too.

As a child, I always loved picking rose petals and steeping them in water. I thought I was quite the dermatologist decanting my concoction into decorated bottles and sometimes dishing them out to family members.

Since then, I had largely forgotten about rose water, until I started to hear it mentioned quite a bit on social media.

Everyone’s favourite GAS man altogether, Sir James Kavanagh, recently took to Instagram Stories to bring a video to our attention.

If you didn’t already know, Madonna has a luxury skincare brand out, called MDNA skincare and in particular the music mogul raves about the rose mist from the collection

The video is SO extra and of course James gave us a good giggle over it, but apparently, he really does love rose water!

By chance, last week my mum picked me up a rose water toner from Garnier and after only a week of being back on the rose water bandwagon, I’ve noticed a big difference to my skin. Although I’m lucky enough not to suffer from acne, my skin does get quite dehydrated and I definitely have a bit of rosacea.

Since using the toner, my skin looks significantly more hydrated and less red. I honestly can’t get over how quickly I’m seeing results.

And I can’t even describe how soft my skin is after using it.


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According to Style Craze, if you do have acne rose water could certainly help you out too. It helps prevent the growth of bacteria with it’s pH balancing properties:

“With a pH level of 5.5, rose water helps balance out the disruption by bringing your skin’s pH levels back to normal.”

It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce puffiness.

The use of rose water dates back to before the construction of the Roman empire and was allegedly a favourite of Cleopatra’s.

So, if it’s good enough for Cleopatra and James Kavanagh, we certainly think it’s good enough for us!