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20th Nov 2013

It’s In His Kiss: Survey Reveals Details of Irish Women’s Thoughts on Puckering Up

Pucker up ladies!

What age were you when you had your first kiss? And would you consider having your lips surgically enhanced?

Forgive us for being forward, but hundreds of Irish women have answered these questions and more as part of the latest installment in Vaseline’s research series, Skinomics.

Enjoy such kissing insights such as the average of age of a woman’s first kiss, the most coveted celebrity lips and their thoughts on surgical enhancement.

Kissing Infographic

The survey coincides with the introduction of Vaseline’s ‘Lip Therapy’ range that includes tins of ‘Original’, ‘Rosy Lips’ ‘Cocoa Butter’ and ‘Aloe Vera’ petroleum jelly variants.