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17th Apr 2020

Itching to take out your extensions? Easilocks is selling an at-home emergency removal kit

Leslie Ann Horgan

We are ladies who like to stay glam.

In normal times, we do our hair toss, check our nails and feel good as Lizzo. But life in lockdown is throwing up some major challenges to our beauty routines.

It’s one thing not be able to pop into our favourite nail salons and hairdressers to get glammed. we can embrace the natural look for a bit – after all, it’s not like those Zoom connections are good enough for anyone to properly see the state of our brows.

It’s quite another, however, to be left with professionally-applied beauty treatments that are urgently in need of top up, repair or removal.

For those with hair extensions are ready to be replaced, the expert advice is to leave them where they are and just try to care for them to keep them in OK condition until the salons reopen. If they absolutely have to come out, however, extensions brand Easilocks has just released at at-home emergency removal kit.


The kit costs €37 and includes sectioning tips, a tail comb, a removal tool and some heat protection oil. They are designed to safely remove the Easilocks iTips extensions. One you’ve finished taking them out, you use the Rose Gold Heat Protection Oil to give your own hair a boost.

For anyone daunted by the task, there is some professional advice on hand to help you with the home removal process too. Dublin hairdresser Shane O’Sullivan, the founder of the Easilocks brand, has posted an instructional video to Instagram that shows you the correct method for cutting those bad boys loose. You can watch the video below, and order the Easilocks Emergency Removal Kit on the company’s website.