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09th Apr 2021

Influencer shares shocking results of when botox goes wrong

Sarah McKenna Barry

The blogger experienced eyelid ptosis after a round of injections.

An American influencer took to social media to share an adverse reaction she had to botox injections.

Whitney Buha, a blogger from Chicago, experienced eyelid ptosis, a condition that causes the eye to droop. As a result, Whitney’s left eye appears smaller, and lower down in her face, while her right eye looks comparatively wide.

In a series of stories, Whitney explained that after receiving botox, she noticed that her right eyebrow was lifted higher on her face.

She reached out to the injector who told her to come in for another injection.

However, after this second round, she experienced drooping in her left eye. Additionally, her right eye had to overcompensate and, as a result, her vision was obscured.

“A lot of you get botox and didn’t know this was possible,” Whitney said. “I didn’t know it was possible either.”

Doctors told Whitney to simply wait it out, and her eyes should return to their regular positions after a few weeks. In her case, her condition started to improve after three weeks.

“I’m just hoping over the next couple of weeks it continues to get better each day,” she said last week.

As she waited for her eyelids to improve, Whitney opted for a tactical side-fringe.

Yesterday, Whitney explained that her left eye looked like it was “back to normal”, while her right eye remains slightly wider than usual.

She added that it’s likely her initial problem – her lifted eyebrow – will remain that way until her current round of botox wears off.

According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr Michelle Green, eyelid ptosis occurs when the botox travels into the levator muscle in the eye.

“The levator is the muscle that is responsible for maintaining the eyelids in their normal position,” Dr Green explains on her website. “However, in some instances, Botox migrates from the injected treatment area and ends up in the levator muscle. When this occurs, it causes drooping eyelids or droopy eyebrow.”

Dr Green explained that eyelid ptosis typically goes away in a few weeks without treatment:

“While an eyebrow droop may seem apparent immediately after your Botox treatment you should always wait up to 14 days before getting any additional Botox injections to ensure you are truly experiencing an eyebrow droop.”

On top of that, Dr Green advised those considering botox to go to an experienced injector with an excellent track record.