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17th Sep 2023

The ‘Hush Cut’ is TikTok’s trending hair cut for autumn

**Urgently books hair appointment**

You may have heard that ‘linen blonde‘ is autumn’s predicted hair colour trend and, as a brunette or red head, felt left out.

However, a new trend of hair cut is taking TikTok by storm and, best of all, can be styled on all hair colours.

Enter: ‘The Hush Cut.’

Although it may sound like a classified hair secret, this one is blowing up the video platform as users fresh from the salon share their new Hush locks.

Inspired by Korean beauty, the ‘Hush Cut’  continues the sculpting of layers where the shag leaves off.

@haeusalon #CapCut #beautytok #master2022bytiktok #xuhuong ♬ CAP – Burrell

However, less obvious, with longer, more gradual fronds (hair to the front and most prominent) instead of short, choppy ones.

According to Sean Paul Nother and Nick Latham, founder of The Hair Bros, “The hush cut is a soft, layered haircut that is nearly always paired with a wispy fringe of sorts, or at least shorter, face-framing layers.”

They told British Vogue that this haircut is layered throughout, creating a stunning distribution in weight and movement to hair, which, in turn, means less styling.

The ‘Hush Cut’ is ideal for anyone looking to maintain plenty of face-framing shape, but also looking for that effortless feel (and life).

If you’ve been humming and hawing about getting a fringe, this haircut may be the one for you.

‘Softness’ is the one word that rings true for those who have opted to try out this trending hair style, so trialing a fringe will be less of a shock to the system than jumping right in for the full-fringe.

True to its name, the ‘Hush Cut’ has a subtle nature and is far more delicate than layers we are used to (or have been scarred by).

@jannel_pearlThis is your sign to get a hush cut its worth it!!♬ save your tears sped up – hollyメ?

The rule of thumb is that there should be no straight ends to your hair with this cut, but if you’re unsure, the trend can be found cut into multiple hair lengths across the platform to show your hairdresser.