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01st Dec 2018

What Ireland’s top makeup artists had to say about Carter Beauty Cosmetics

 Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics. 

So we’ve put the gorgeous range to the test and we’re VERY pleased. But why take our word for it?

It turns out, a whole lot of Ireland’s top makeup gurus are totally on board too. Not just because of the incredible price point (all Carter Beauty Cosmetics are between €4.95 and €14.95!) but also because it’s going to seriously rival plenty of the biggest names in beauty and makeup.

In our all-new six-part docu-series, episode three — Inspiration: Product Selection is Key — we went #BehindTheBrand where Marissa Carter herself was more than happy to share the various processes of creating the perfect products and more. She admitted she is often asked how can an 18-shade eyeshadow palette be €14.95 and have such good pigment and quality? Well, it turns out it really is possible.

Award-winning makeup artist Judy Wong said;

“The palette itself is very versatile, ‘cause it’s quite neutral, it’s versatile for women of all ages, which is important to me because I’m always dealing with women from like, 16 to 60 plus.”

Watch Episode 3 – Inspiration: Product Selection is Key right here! You can watch it on our Her Facebook, IGTV and YouTube platforms too.

Grace Mongey of Faces by Grace said;

“People like to try different things all the time and they might have four or five foundations on the go, so to have something that’s affordable and everyone can pick up — it’s great.”

Makeup artist Charlene Flanagan, was lucky enough to be able to work her magic, creating a look for Marissa herself using Carter Beauty Cosmetics.

“…her eyeshadow palettes are absolutely incredible. The pigmentation and the colour pay off from them is just second to none, and especially with the price point – it’s just brilliant.”

Receiving so much praise for her hard work and affordable luxury, Marissa said;

“For me to get that interest and stamp of approval from makeup artists that are literally the best in the country… for them to be interested in a range that is so affordable and accessible for so many different people — it’s amazing.

“I think it’s going to change the game. The perception that people have, that you can only get good quality if you spend 60/70 euro – I think Carter Beauty is going to be the game changer.”

Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics.