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02nd Mar 2017

Here’s the new impractical nail trend that we LOVE

Say goodbye to marble and snowglobe (what was THAT) wire nails have arrived.

Kim Kardashian recently gave us all a touch of nail nostalgia when she pierced hers. Good or bad? we’re undecided.

The 90’s were rough.

Well, a new nail trend has appeared on Instagram and as bizarre as ‘wire’ nails sound, they look incredibly pared back and beautiful to us.

It’s definitely a different look than the recent “let’s put everything including the neighbour’s dog on our nails” trend, but is it attainable? We’re not so sure.

The Instagram user @nail_unistella seems to be the trailblazer for ‘wire work’ and from what we can tell she’s either part unicorn or a full blown nail wizard.

It could be a while before this trend reaches our shores, but I’m heading to Woodies to stock up on wire… just in case.

See… magic.