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11th Oct 2018

Here’s why Dyson’s latest hair tool took 230 engineers and scientists to make

Prepare to be AMAZED.

Denise Curtin

Beauty folk, get ready to meet your latest obsession.

Following the successful launch of the hairdryer in 2016, Dyson has unveiled its second hair tool. A tool which basically gives a salon-like curly blow dry.

This new invention dries, styles and strengthens your hair and we’re totally buying it.

Called the Dyson Airwrap, this gadget launched this week and it has been receiving incredible reviews already with people going gaga for the tool. And TBH, they would want to be since the product took six years to make, €26 million worth of research and a cool 230 engineers and scientists, according to the Stylist.

So why did it take this long to make and… what makes it so special?

Well, without getting too technical, the Dyson uses a phenomenon known as a Coanda effect, which is basically when a “high-speed jet of air flows across a surface, and, due to differences in pressure, the airflow attaches itself to the surface. This then attracts, wraps and curls hair around the barrel.” Yep, it’s a first of its kind and so, took a lot of trials.

But, it makes for amazing hair and Dylan Bradshaw in Dublin got a chance to try out the product and just LOOK.


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This tool really is a lazy gal’s dream too as it does all the work, even wrapping the hair itself, all you need to do is hold it close to your head.

The product however, is not cheap, coming in at €500. It does however include plenty of tools like: 30mm Airwrap barrels, 40mm Airwrap barrels, firm smoothing brush, soft smoothing brush, round volumising brush, and pre-styling dryer.

And if you think about it… the average salon curly blow dry is €40 and so, if you use this tool more that 12 times in a year (which you totally will), you’ll already be saving.

Sounds good to us.

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