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12th Oct 2012

Health Hazard Warning! Copying Kate Moss Could Leave You Bald

Made famous by the super model and seen everywhere on the streets of Dublin, the Croydon Facelift is reportedly a hair hazard.

We’re all slightly obsessed with top-knots at – they look super chic, literally pull your eyes open on a Monday morning and are great when you keep pressing snooze instead of spending the extra 20 minutes washing your hair in the morning.

But, researchers at the Southwestern Medical Centre, University of Texas have found that the up-do is a lot more damaging than you think and can actually lead permanent hair loss over time.

According to Dr. Josephine Quintanilla-Dieck who led the research “Pulling hair into tight ponytails or braids, using hot rollers, curling irons, or straightening irons and applying chemical relaxers can all lead to structural damage of the hair shaft as well as thermal and chemical damage to the skin of the scalp.”

They also found that pulling the hair off the face puts too much “structural” damage on the face.

However, lovers of the ‘Croydon Facelift’, fear not! Tips to avoid permanent damage include using “natural hairstyles” that place less tension on the roots so the study recommends incorporating style free days or “hair holidays” a couple of times a week which will allow for recovery.

So if you can’t bear to be parted from the style just cut back on your weekly ‘Croydon Facelift’ allowance.

Not pressing snooze in the morning trumps baldness in our books!