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30th Jun 2012

Have You Let Your Hair Down by Committing a Hair Sin?

Does your hair look like it's never been washed? Or perhaps like it's about to break into a million pieces? If so, you might want to avoid these hair sins.

Rebecca McKnight

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those days when you look in the mirror and just think what the hell happened to my hair?

You may well have washed it last night and put a handful of styling products in it this morning but why then does it stilllook like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards ten times!

Perhaps you are guilty of one of the cardinal hair sins…

1.       Too much colour

Sin: If you dye or colour your hair more times than Rihanna you could be seriously weakening and damaging your hair. When you dye your hair too much, especially in quick succession, you are subjecting it to a lot of chemicals thus stripping it of its natural shine. This can, on the long-term, lead to premature hair loss.

Solution: To avoid having your hair turn a strange grey from swapping colours too quickly or falling out when you hit 30 you should avoid colouring your hair altogether, or at least leave long periods between colours.

2.       Not enough brushing

Sin: Dandruff can develop if you don’t brush your hair enough. We know, yuck! Contrary to popular belief, dandruff has nothing to do with washing your hair or hygiene but instead comes from your dead skin cells. If you don’t brush your hair enough, these cells are not shed properly thus resulting in dandruff in your hair.

Solution: The solution to tackling dandruff is simple. All you have to do is brush your hair regularly throughout the day, maybe two or three times, to help get rid of the dead skin cells. And no, running your fingers through it at your desk won’t suffice!

3.       Too much heat

Sin: When you expose your hair to heat on a regular basis, including appliances such as curling tongs or hair straighteners, it can become dry and brittle. It is the same when you are away on holidays and are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. The heat inevitably damages your hair, giving you split ends and leading to dull-looking hair.

Solution: Hair appliances shouldn’t be used on a daily basis. Moreover when they are used,you should use a heat-protection spray to avoid long-term damage. When you are in the sun it is best to wear a hat. We can’t wait to wear our straw cowboy ones this summer!

4.       Not enough attention

Sin: It is easy to neglect your hair when you have other things to keep you busy such as work. But when you don’t look after your hair, it shows. We know that the whole “I just got out of bed” look which takes about an hour to achieve can be very attractive, but tatty hair that requires the efforts of two hairdressers to untangle is not!

Solution: Apart from washing your hair every couple of days and combing it, you should treat your hair with a leave-in condition every so often and also go to the hairdressers every two or three months. As if we need an excuse!

5.       Too much product

Sin: Putting too many products, including conditioner, and over-washing hair strips it of its natural oils. This can leave it looking dull, flat and damaged. Over-styling can, in contrast, cause it to become greasy.

Solution: Make sure you are using products that suit your hair type. Everyone’s hair is different and you need to get to know what products and brands are best for you. Use no more than two or three products on hair when styling and leave as much time between washes as you can.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never have a bad hair day ever again, we can say that these solutions should help to at least combat these five hair sins. No need to say thanks, we think you’re worth it!