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03rd Oct 2017

The squiggle brow is getting a gory update just in time for Halloween

Try it, if you dare.

Try it, if you dare.

There’s no denying that 2017 has been the year of the weird brow trends, so it’s only fitting that Halloween would pay homage to that.

Yes, from braided brows to barbed wire brows, the internet has gone wild for alternative brow looks this year.

However, with spooky season upon us, the MUAs of Instagram have been using their skills to create some rather scary looks with their brows.

The squiggle brow has been the first look to get an upgrade and it’s all sorts of gory.

Blogger Jodie Elizabeth Evans shared her interpretation of the cut-out squiggle brow on Instagram and we have to admit that it gave us the shivers.

Jodie’s grim look obviously received a lot of praise from followers and inspired others to try a similar look.

Next up was self-taught makeup artist Isobelle who shared her how-to pics with fans.

A post shared by I S O B E L L E (@eyesobell) on

A post shared by I S O B E L L E (@eyesobell) on

So, there you have it… don’t have an outfit this year? Doesn’t matter. Just add a little gore to your makeup.