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09th Jul 2019

Hairstylist Larry King tells us how to recreate this stunning look from Couture Fashion Week

larry king

Seems simple enough…

If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle dealing with your hair.

Most of the time, I just opt for a very unoriginal ponytail, because everything else just seems tricky.

Well, if you learn from the experts, hair doesn’t have to be difficult.

Recently, hairstylist and Dyson ambassador Larry King did the hair for the Ralph and Russo Couture show.

I was so obsessed with the looks, I simply had to find out how to recreate it.

And so, I reached out, and managed to get a sort of “How To” from Larry himself.

(You’re welcome!)

So, here it is…

1. Find your middle parting and scrunch in Larry King Volumising Mist.

2. Blow dry the hair from wet using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer with the Gentle Air Dryer attachment to create nice texture and volume using the laminar airflow directed at the roots. This will create a luxe base to work from. (If you don’t have a Dyson – same btw – surely your standard hairdryer will create a similar effect).

3. Take a few sections of hair and, starting an inch away from your hairline, plait them backwards all the way to the nape of your neck.

4. Take the remaining hair and roll it from the sides, creating French pleats.

5. Take the plaits and place them along the fold lines of the rolls and pin into place.

6. Use the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer – Gentle Dryer attachment to adapt and soften the whole look, which will allow baby hairs to soften the hair line. The Gentle Dryer reduces the temperature by 20 degrees, helping keep your colour to be brighter.

7. Scatter pearl-embellished pins randomly throughout.

8. Use Larry King A Social Life For Your Hair finishing cream to tease out baby hairs around the face.