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18th Apr 2016

Hair Care At Home – Six Products For Salon Perfect Hair

Luxury from the comfort of your home.

Brought to you by TRESemmé

A visit to the hairdresser is a pure treat and one we wish we could indulge in every day.

However, the financial implications of daily visits to the salon mean this is far from a realistic option and so it’s time to get great hair at home.

The most sought-after style at salons these days is a big hair blow-out and we’ve teamed up with TRESemmé to bring you a capsule curl kit.

1. TRESemmé BeautyFull Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner

Reversing the Routine is all about shampooing before conditioning. Having tried it, we can attest to its success and now there’s a specific range designed around the idea.

BeautyFull Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner is completely different to conventional conditioners because it’s light instead of heavy. Using it before shampoo leaves your locks touchably smooth, ideal for when you’re planning a voluminous look.

2.TRESemmé BeautyFull Volume Shampoo

Now that you’ve prepared your hair, you can introduce the volume. This shampoo removes all residue AND it’s anti-static so you get big hair without that annoying halo of frizz.

3.TRESemmé BeautyFull Volume Hair Maximiser

This bad boy contains Fleximax Volumisers which lift your hair for added volume. It also uses fibre polishing actives which smooth and polish the cuticle, adding the A-list shine we’re all coveting.

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4.Hairdryer Goals

When you’re going for a look with lots of volume, rough dry it first for added texture.

Then, make sure your hairdryer is of good quality and on a medium heat setting, so you can minimise the amount of heat damage to your locks.

5.Brush Is Best

We consulted the experts for this and curly-blow-dry aficionado Aileen says “the smaller the brush, the tighter the curl”.

Using a big brush at the back means that your curls are likely to fall out so concentrate on a smaller round brush/

However, it all depends on how curly you want your blow-dry. Bigger brushes for loose waves and for serious volume, use a smaller brush.

6.TRESemmé BeautyFull Volume Mousse

Mousse reminds us of 80s style mullets and stiff sticky hair but this product is a game changer.

It has a ‘light hold’ so it won’t ruin your soft smooth hair but like the Maximiser, it contains Fleximax Volumisers which give your hair beautiful body.

For more information on the Beauty Full-Volume trend, click here




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