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25th Sep 2012

Go From Nude to Night in No Time

Nude makeup is all the rage and while it is perfect for during the day, evening time is a different story completely. But never fear, here are a few products you can throw into your bag to go from nude to night...

Nude makeup is hugely popular at the moment and will continue to be so for the rest of the year which means sticking to those subtle tones, minimal colours and neutral shades.

But that doesn’t mean, that come six o’clock when you’re heading from the office to the bar to meet the girls, that you can’t use a couple of products to make your nude look ready for the night ahead.

Better still, you only need to use one or two of them to get the desired effect which means more room in your handbag for your high heels!

1. Red Lipstick – This is the single most useful product a woman can carry in her makeup bag, simply because it is a look in itself. The key to pulling it off is keeping the rest of your face natural which is why it is perfect for the nude trend at the moment. And you don’t need anything else to accompany it. Sorted!

2. Mascara – Like lipstick, dark volumising mascara can do wonders to a nude look and takes all of 30 seconds to put on. Layer it on both your upper and lower lashes to open up your eyes and create a more dramatic look. That with a touching up of your lip balm and you’ll be ready to hit the town.

3. Eye Shadow – If mascara isn’t enough for you, add a touch of eye shadow as well but stick to gold and brown shades as they won’t take away from your nude look too much. Shimmer is always a better option to go for as it tends to look dressier than matte. Unfortunately eye shadow doesn’t work alone but can help to create a fab look with mascara.

4. Eye Liner – Perfect alone or when combined with any of the above, there are so many things you can do with eye liner that will help to vamp up your nude look. Whether it’s a single line or a flick at the edge of your eye, eye liner guarantees immediate glamour. Just make sure you don’t try to apply this one on the move as that could end up in unending tears!

5. Blusher – Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the effects that blusher can have. While we’re not saying to put it on like a clown, a swipe of blusher combined with a few layers of mascara is a classic look which never tires and suits pretty much all environments. If you have space, throw in a highlighter too to give your cheeks a nice glow.


See, the nude look doesn’t have to restrict your after work activities nor do you have to go into work with a fully made-up face.

Throw one or two of these items into your bag and you’ll be able to turn your nude to night in no time!