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19th May 2016

This is how you get rid of dark under-eye circles

This DIY remedy is a game changer.

Ever wake up in the morning and look like you actually did not sleep at all?

I hear ya. Those dark under-eye circles can really make a girl look 105 – and then some.

Obviously you can buy rings around yourself when it comes to creams and serums, but according this blogger, you can actually get rid of the dreaded panda eyes with this DIY game-changing remedy.

Are you ready?


What you need: A handful of parsley, a small mixing bowl, a wooden spoon, a tablespoon of hot water (or yogurt) and two cotton makeup pads.

What you do: Chop the parsley, place in the bowl and then grind the leaves with the spoon to release its juices. Next, pour the hot water over the parsley as you stir the mixture together (you can sub in yogurt for the water if you want a thicker mask). Let the mixture cool, and then dip the makeup pads into the juice. Place them beneath each eye, lie back and let them sit for ten minutes.

How often you do it: Twice a week is said be the perfect (Or, you know, whenever you have a superfluous amount of the popular garnish leftover from a dinner party…)

And that works? Yep. Parsley is super rich in vitamins C and K–both ingredients that help brighten and de-puff skin. As a result, you should start to see a major difference in just a couple of weeks.

OK, we are off to Tesco for some parsley, who’s with us?!

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