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29th Mar 2018

Garden brows: the latest viral eyebrow trend and they’re… pretty!?

Another day, another brow trend.

Last year, week after week, a new brow trend emerged online. From the feather brows to those barbwire brows, it got pretty bad, pretty fast.

Well, now there’s a new brow trend that has people talking and it actually might be nice… kind of.

Enter the garden brow.

The spring beauty trend has been growing in popularity online with many people sharing pictures of their interpretations of the look.

The look consists of a grass-hued base which is then embellished with everything from flowers to butterflies to create the perfect blossoming look.

The problem? People are struggling to recreate the look – big time.

You judge for yourselves.

Yep, the new brow look goes from great to godawful, but it’s all about experimentation, right?

However, we don’t think we’ll be experimenting with this one anytime soon, although there is a whiff of festival vibes of the look.