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04th May 2013

Forget The Tomato! Check These Out: More Strange Hair Trends From Japan

In Japan hair is one of the most important thingss in the world. We get that.


Earlier this week we told you all about the strange new hair trend that’s currently sweeping across Japan. Created by a stylist called ‘Hiro’ everyone and their granny is apparently rocking ‘the tomato’ in Osaka’s “hipster youth district.”

The tomato look is so out there that it got us wondering what other kind of crazy hairdos are all the rage in Japan. Well, we looked into it and came up with the following.

According to Kotaku, the care and attention spent on hair in Japan is “mind boggling.” Apparently there are hair salons on virtually every single corner. Why is Japan so obsessed with hair? Well, it’s because in the Japanese culture hair isn’t seen as being just ‘hair.’

“For ancient Japanese people, a woman’s hair transmitted life,” said Aki, a hair stylist, speaking to Kotaku.

“From around that point, it seems like Japanese people began to think seriously about hair,” Aki added.

Like how it is here, wearing your hair in a certain way is a form of protest. During the 1990s in Japan, young girls started to bleach and colour their hair as an act of defiance. The trend spread and since then, adults and teens alike rock different colours and out-there cuts as form of self-expression.

“Hair is like the shape of your face, the way your eyes look, and the types of clothes you wear. It’s what marks your identity,” said Aki.

Would you ever be brave enough to rock any of the above styles?


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