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11th Jul 2016

Five super handy hacks for big bouncy hair

When you have ZERO time on your hands.

Cathy Donohue

Brought to you by TRESemmé

The eternal quest for good hair.

Unfortunately, we don’t have half the day to spend on our locks and so we’re all about quick fixes that are simple and easy to do yourself at home.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to perfect the big bouncy voluminous look á la Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, and Kerry Washington.

The preparation

Great hair isn’t just about styling, how you look after your hair is just as important.

Using a weekly mask is important for hydrating your locks and if possible, leaving it in overnight can do wonders for restoring shine and moisture.

Either opt for a leave-in conditioner with hydrating properties or if you’d rather go the natural route, coconut oil is worth a try.

Apparently, it ‘s what Eva Mendes swears by and just LOOK at her hair.

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The overnighter

Wash your hair as normal, towel dry it and if your hair is extra heavy, use kitchen paper to soak up extra moisture.

Then, either air dry or blast dry, part in the middle, and separate into two loose plaits.

Sleep on it and in the morning, run some mousse and/or texturising creme through your hair while scrunching and fluffing with your fingers.

A simple and effective technique for big bouncy locks.

The drying technique

A quick and easy way to ensure volume from the get go is to dry your hair upside down.

This instantly lifts the roots and adds life to your locks.

Once you flip your hair back over, use your hands to lift and scrunch your hair as you go, the simplest way to add texture and movement to your look.

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Kerry Washington – bouncy, shiny, perfect hair

The styling tool

If you need curls instantly, a styling tool always comes up trumps.

However, trying to curl an entire head of hair is a laborious task: thick and unruly hair takes so long to finish but fine hair needs a lot of practice to ensure a lasting curl.

The easy hack to getting curls quick using tongs and/or a straightener is to put your hair in a ponytail.

Then, divide into three sections and curl each one.

Remove the band holding your pony in place, shake it out, add a little serum for shine and you’re good to go.

The completely random one

Similar to sleeping in plaits or braids, putting your hair in a bun can help add texture and volume so you can shake it out and go in the morning.

Of course, depending on your hair type, there is the risk of frizz but there’s a random trick that can help.

Use a sock to cover the bun which will reduce the friction and keep your style in place.

You learn something new every day…

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