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29th Jun 2012

Find Out How to Tackle These Top Five Beauty Party Poopers

The last thing you want when you're heading somewhere is an angry spot or a painful blister. Find out how you can tackle these last-minute beauty ailments.

What do spots, cold sores, rag nails, blisters and dry skin have in common? They are painful, annoying and will most likely appear the day before you have to go on a big night out.

While they’re certainly not the most appealing of things to discuss, everyone gets them. That is why the team are bringing you our quick-fix treatment tips for these common minor ailments.

1. Spots

While many say that toothpaste is the best treatment for spots, we wouldn’t recommend it. Yes toothpaste does dry out the skin but it stings like crazy and often makes skin look angrier and redder. The best solution for white heads is to squeeze them using a clean tissue. If the spot doesn’t have a white head use makeup to cover it up but do not touch the spot itself. Dab your concealer around the area to take the redness away and remember to wash your hands before touching any other part of your face to avoid spreading.

2. Cold sores

If you are prone to cold sores you should apply your prescribed cream to the area as soon as you feel a tingling sensation. If you don’t have cream, ice cubes are known to delay and reduce cold sores. You simply have to hold ice to the area either directly or in a plastic bag. Petroleum jelly can also be applied to stop spreading and ease pain if the cold sore surfaces. Do not cover cold sores with makeup or pick them. And at the risk of sounding like your dad, none of that kissing malarkey!

3. Rag nails

These can turn out to be very nasty if not treated with care. Soak the rag nail in warm water to soften it before trimming with nail scissors. Whatever you do, don’t pick or tear it as this can lead to infection and will be extremely painful. For long-term treatment you can avail of over-the-counter creams. Protect the nail by covering it with a bandage and wearing gloves when cleaning. Moisturising hands and nails regularly can help to prevent future rag nails.

4. Dry skin

This is a common problem and the best thing to do is to shower or wash the area with lukewarm water. Pat, don’t rub, the area dry to keep in natural moisture. Make sure the area is fully dry before moisturising. Do not pick the skin or apply a lot of makeup to it. With dry skin this is really all you can do. It will eventually come off. If moisturising doesn’t suffice, you can avail of more powerful over-the-counter creams and ointments.

5. Blisters

As soon as you feel or see a blister appearing, take off your socks and cover it in Vaseline. If you can let the air at it, do. If not; dry the skin, put on a blister plaster and change into clean socks. If the blister is particularly big, pop it using a sterilised needle or pin. Drain the liquid but leave as much skin on as possible. Clean the area with a sterilised wipe and cover with a blister plaster. If it’s blood-filled, consult your doctor. Blisters usually heal themselves but that doesn’t mean you can’t help the process along.

So the next time you get one of these nasty little surprises follow our quick-fix tips and don’t let it stop you from going on your night out! If the ailment gets worse, consult your doctor immediately.