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03rd Dec 2018

Feeling festive? Why not enjoy a lovely warm MULLED WINE bath this evening

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Sounds ideal.

Oh hello December, you sexy little thing – we’ve missed you!

FINALLY, the festive season is here, and we’ve been hanging tinsel, putting lights everywhere and eating 7 mince pies a day.

‘Tis the season, in fairness.

Anyway, if you feel like amping your Christmas joy up a notch, we have just the thing.

Say hello to the MULLED WINE bath – a dream come true for many!

So, what are we actually talking about? And no… we’re not suggesting you pour a few spicy bottles of red into your bath.

Although, we don’t actually hate the sound of that.

The lovely people behind the brand BOD (Beauty On Demand) have launched a festive bag of mulled wine bath salts.


mulled wine bathmulled wine bath

The salts contain a festive blend of fruits, spices and cranberries (they smell like heaven) the bath salts will reduce bloating and brighten the skin.

The product description reads:

“We get it! We understand that sluggish, bloated feeling, so we created BOD bath salts to rid us of excess water from our bodies.”

“However, we know at this time of year you truly want to feel at your best, so we’ve infused them with antioxidant-rich grape seed oil to brighten your skin for that extra added boost!”

“Our limited edition Mulled Wine Bath Salts are sure to get you into that festive spirit.”

“Combined with fruits, spices and juicy cranberries to give you a deliciously aromatic experience, we’ve also mixed in a subtle shimmer to give you that warm Christmas glow! Just bathe for 20 minutes to feel at your best!”

These babies are available online here now, and cost just €8 for a big bag.