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10th Jun 2019

This €20 face mask is the reason why Margot Robbie glows like an actual angel

face mask

Don’t mind if we do…

Do you ever look at pictures of Margot Robbie in magazines and online, and think “HOW is she so flawless?”

Well, you’re not alone.

It is a question we ask ourselves all the bloody time.

And now, we may have discovered the actress’s secret to flawless skin.

We know, we know – unreal genetics obviously plays a part (have you seen her brother, btw?), but a good skincare regime helps.

Pati Dubroff is Margot Robbie’s famous makeup artist, and also the woman who introduced her to 111SKIN.

face mask

Specifically, Pati got Margot using the 111SKINBio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask, a very fancy sheet mask.

In fact, the masks were what the stunning Priyanka Chopra-Jonas used on her wedding day.

And in fairness, her skin was next level gorgeous.

111SKIN’s Dr. Alexandrides collaborated with astrophysicists to create skincare tested for extreme conditions.

The Bio Cellulose Facial Mask has two separate halves to target complex blemishes.

face mask

The upper section treats the effects of diet, products and perspiration, while the lower mask reduces inflammation and redness caused by hormonal acne.

They work together to purify, soothe and rebalance the dermis’ microbiome, but they can also be used separately depending on the trouble area.

Say no more. We’re sold.

The masks are sold individually for €24, or in a pack of 5 for €101.

Go on, treat yourself honey!