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12th Mar 2013

Do You Dare To Bare – 80 Percent Of Women Wait A Month Before Going Sans Slap

And that means not even a cheeky dap of lipgloss or sweep of mascara!

We’ve all been there… you’re in the early stages of a new relationship and your new squeeze has never seen you in all your bare faced glory.

So what do you do? Embrace the au naturel look and reassure yourself that they’re not with you for your looks? Or slip quietly from the bed like a ninja and tip toe to the bathroom, so you can smooth down your bed head beehive, wipe away last night’s mascara (which has formed panda style rings around your eyes) and apply some lip balm, so your lips look kissably soft when you wake up’?

Dolly Parton is a big fan of wearing makeup to bed… well, if it’s good enough for Dolly…

Well, if the latter sounds more familiar, you’re not alone, because a survey has found that 80 percent of women wait at least a month before letting their other half see them without slap and over a third of women deliberatley get up first, so they can secretly fix and re-apply last night’s makeup.

The survey conducted by semi-permanent makeup company Debra Ronson LDN, also found that three percent of women would never let a partner see them without makeup and 58 percent said they felt naked without any makeup on.

So don’t feel too guilty the next time you do it… you’re not alone!