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08th Apr 2017

The common beauty rule that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist says “doesn’t work”

This is a surprise!

This goes against the grain.

If you’re a makeup obsessive, you’ve probably heard plenty of tips and tricks.

One that’s sure to ring a bell is the recommendation to put highlighter along the bridge of your nose, allowing for a more defined appearance.

For Mario Dedivanovic, makeup guru for Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen to name but a few, this is a big no-no.


Interestingly, Mario says it doesn’t work for most people.

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Spotted on Allure, the makeup artist said:

“This has become a big trend online and it doesn’t work for 95 percent of people. It makes your nose look a lot longer”.

“If your nose isn’t thin or small, it will make or wider and draw more attention to it”.

Mario said that the only person he knows who can work this look is beauty blogger Amra Olevic, widely known as Amrezy but in general, he recommends steering say from this tip.

This is a revelation!

Main image via Instagram: Mario Dedivanovic