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29th Mar 2013

Chins Are In! New Hollywood Craze For Chinplants Is Big Business

Looks like big boobs are on the way out...

Ever since Pamela Anderson bounced onto our TV screens back in the 90s, gravity-defying fake boobs have been a best seller on the Hollywood plastic surgery menu, but it seems the latest curve craze is all about chins!

Last time we checked Jay Leno’s prominant jaw wasn’t on the top of our beauty wish list, but ‘chinplants’ and now big business with the American Society of Plastic Surgery reporting last year, that the ‘chinplant’ was the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedure. 

Stars who have opted for ‘chinplants’ include Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and recently divorced Vicki Gunvalsen from The Real Housewives of Orange County

Who knew Jay Leno would become a beauty icon?

So why are so many women opting to have the presumably painful and totally unnecessary procedure done? 

“A weak chin makes an aging face look older, and we most commonly see this in women,” New York plastic surgeon Dr David Raport told The Daily Mail. “We get jowls”, he added.

Implants can either be temporary – where surgeons inject fillers such as Radiesse or the patent’s own fat – or permanent with silicone. And if the jaw is too prominent, surgeons can saw down the jaw bone to refine its appearance. 

So which Hollywood stars have the most coveted chins? Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley all score high on the most wanted list with Jennifer Lopez topping the polls.