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30th Jun 2012

Bring Your Beauty with You Wherever You Go

Sick of your lips getting chapped? Tired of greasy hair come five o'clock? Maintain your look all day long by slipping these beauty essentials into your handbag.

Every morning you can spend anything from five minutes to half an hour doing your hair and makeup but let’s face it, it never lasts the whole day.

So the team got together to pick out five beauty essentials you should throw in your bag and use to touch up your look during the day.

1. Lip balm – If there’s one beauty product you should never ever leave the house without it has to be your lip balm. What with the wonderful Irish weather we get and the amount of talking you do during the day, it’s important to keep your lips in good shape. Throw your lip balm of choice in your bag and apply every few hours for luscious lips.

2. Concealer – We’ve all had those mornings when we would give anything to lie on a little longer having hardly slept a wink during the night. We also all know how grateful we are for concealer during these times. But the magic of concealer only lasts a couple of hours. Keep your bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look by carrying your concealer with you.

3. Blusher – Foundation is a wonderful thing but it’s not always ideal to carry it with you never mind trying to re-apply it half way through the day. Get around this by throwing your blusher in your bag instead. It will give your cheeks a burst of colour and you can apply it with one foul swoop. Quick and effective: we like it.

4. Hand cream – You subject your hands to a range of activities throughout the course of the day from washing to typing.  But if you neglect your hands you may end up with dry skin and wrinkles. That is precisely why you ought to carry a moisturizing hand cream in your bag. What are you waiting for, get lathering ladies!

5. Dry Shampoo – It can be tricky getting your hair into some sort of shape before you leave the house. It can be even trickier maintaining this shape. More often than not all your hard work is undone by lunchtime leaving your hair looking as greasy as a deep fat fryer! Throw a can of dry shampoo, and a comb, in your handbag to give your hair a quick pick-me-up.

With these beauty essentials in your handbag you certainly won’t have to worry about getting caught with bags under your eyes or greasy hair. However you might have to worry about surgery rumours because you look so good!