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06th Feb 2013

Blonde Bombshells – Hitchcock Inspired Hair

Polished to perfection and never with a hair out of place, we show you to recreate the Hitchcock look

So you’ve got the clothes, the accessories and the makeup look so what’s the final step in becoming a bone fide Hitchcock heroine? The hair of course! Hitchcock inspired styles are timeless and the trend for a more coiffed and polished appearance continues to dominate the catwalks so Hitchcock inspired styles have never been more relevant.

If you want to try and give your tresses a bit of Hitchcock heroine attitude, we’ve turned to resident beauty expert Aoibhinn McBride to find out how to get your locks looking the part.  


Aoibhinn says:

It’s fair to say that the acclaimed director has a bit of thing for blondes. From ice-cool ash to creamy honey shades, all of Hitchcock’s leading ladies were blonde in one shape or form so to really nail the look, you need to hit the bottle.

But apart from the colour, all of Hitchcock’s heroines were super groomed all of the time – even when they were running from a flock of squawking bids or in the shower – so if you’re a dedicated brunette or redhead and still want to capture the style of the era, a chic up-do is the way to do it.

The first step in getting perfectly groomed tresses is to prep the hair and heated rollers is pretty much the best way to do it. Not only will a curl give hair added volume, essential when doing an up-do, it will help hair to look extra glossy and smooth.

Start off by applying a gloss spray or serum to the ends of your hair. This will prevent heat damage and give a gorgeous glossy shine.

Then, wrap sections of your hair around medium sized rollers – too small and you’ll create tight ringlet style curls.

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Once the curls have been set, carefully brush out the curls to create a retro looking wave, paying extra attention to the ends which should curl in nicely.

Your hair should feel bouncy and easy to play around with at this point and ready for an up do.

Spray the roots liberally with hairspray – this will lift the roots slightly – and then gather your hair into a low ponytail but intead of securing it with a hair-tie, twist your pony into a chignon and tuck the twisted pony in with bobby pins.

A final spritz of hairspray should help set the hair and get rid of any flyaways and works particularly well if your hair is just below shoulder length.

Ultimately, this look is all about nailing a ladylike, slightly prim style so maintaining a glossy effect is what it’s all about.

Feeling inspired and want to see more?  Check out Hitchcock, which hits Irish cinemas on February 8th