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14th Jun 2017

This blogger using deodorant as a primer will intrigue you

We've mixed feelings about this one.

We’re not sure about this use for deodorant…

Keeping your makeup on your face in warm weather is a tricky task, but would you resort to this?

Beauty blogger Anti_gorgeous shared a video yesterday that left us both intrigued and a bit sceptical.

In a post originally spotted by Allure, she revealed that she used deodorant as a primer to prevent her makeup sliding off in the summer heat.

A post shared by Antonia (@anti_gorgeous) on

In the accompanying caption, she wrote;

“Deodorant as PRIMER?!?!? -It’s summertime and I SWEAT? ! I decided to try deodorant as a primer to stop the sweating through my foundation. I used TOMS because it isn’t harmful to your skin. (Use at your own risk).”

To be fair, her makeup turned out quite nicely, making us curious as to how effective the deodorant might be.

That said, the skin on your face is delicate and we’re not sure about how it would hold up against something like deodorant, even if it is natural.

As the blogger herself says, “use at your own risk.”