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26th Sep 2012

Because She’s Worth It… Breige & Joanne

Throughout the month of September we're giving lucky readers the chance to win some fab L'Oréal Paris goodies and tickets to Beauty Bootcamp, just for nominating an amazing woman in need of a treat!

All this month we’ve paired up with L’Oréal Paris to give away some fantastic prizes! 

We’re asking readers to nominate a special lady in their life to win some fantastic L’Oréal Paris goodies, and a pair of Beauty Bootcamp tickets so you can both have some fun and a girls day out. 

This week, Clare lady Breige Flynn nominated her mother Joanne, here’s what she had to say… 

I’d like to nominate my mum for this prize, just like I know so many other people will – but I truly think my mother deserves this. She’s a mother of 7 children, with me, age 24, the eldest and the youngest is just about to turn 10! Not only has she got to put up with all of us, she also works as a nurse. While she truly loves her job, (and not just because it gives her a chance to get away from the madness of our house!), I know it’s a tough job, with lots of physical labour and long hours and she often works nights as well just so she can spend time with her family.

In 2002 my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and mum, with a newborn child as well as 6 other children, helped to look after her until she passed away in 2003. Mum also did all this again when my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and while he is in remission now she still worries about him. It was during this time she had to pick up more work to become the main earner for the house while also caring for her sick husband and children. She also runs a local youth badminton club two nights a week, so as you can imagine my mother is very very busy!

On the rare occasion my mother gets a break, she’ll work on doing the family tree, reads, does puzzles and catches up TV shows (which she still uses a VCR to tape!). She really is a rock to all of us and she will always try to help someone, no matter how busy she is. While we haven’t always seen eye to eye when I was growing up, she really does have the best advice, never judges any of us and remains ever understanding and supportive.

Breige, middle row, right, thinks her mother Joanne, back row, middle, deserves some pampering 

I know for a fact my mother would love a makeover, and while I know Beauty Bootcamp is not a makeover service, I believe it would be the first step in getting my mother to get a makeover! I think it would be fantastic to have my mother spend one day on just herself. The hamper would be amazing too, so she can take even five minutes more a day to pamper herself. I hope you’ll please consider my fantastic mother for this!

Good enough for us Breige – you and your mother are this week’s winners!

If you would like to nominate someone special in your life, check out all the details and how to enter right here.

Don’t be shy, tell us all about the fabulous women in your life and win some amazing treats, Because… You’re Worth It!