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30th Jun 2012

Avoid Makeup Mishaps with these Makeup Must-haves

Are you getting ready to enjoy the sun? If so, then make sure you have these summer makeup essentials before stepping out your front door.

The summer is finally here and the time has come to step out into the sunshine but before you do, make sure you’ve got your beauty essentials on hand because no one wants to end up with a lobster face, dry, cracked lips or panda eyes.

To help avoid these common mishaps, we are bringing you five must-have products that will have you looking and staying fresh and fabulous this summer, wherever you are spending it.

1. Sun cream

While it is an obvious necessity for sunny weather, you would be surprised at just how many people insist on going outside in next to nothing without applying it. Cue blotches of red skin, an incredible amount of itching and yelps of pain with any slight movement. Sun cream not only prevents you from looking like a lobster but it also protects you from skin cancer. Despite what some think, oil is not an effective substitute. While it might make you glisten like Christiano Ronaldo for all of half an hour, you will end up as red as a fire extinguisher – we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you how unsexy and unhealthy that look is. As Baz Luhrmann says, ‘Wear sunscreen.’

2. Lip balm

If you’ve got dry lips, lip balm is essential all year around but it is even more important during the colder and hotter months. We recommend a lip balm that has a built-in SPF of 15 or higher to prevent your lips from getting sun burnt which can lead to a very painful airplane meal on the flight home, as if they couldn’t taste any worse. Opt for something with a flavour in it such as cherry and get pouting. Mwah!

3. Moisturizer

Again, you should use a daily moisturizer to take care of your skin no matter what time of the year it is, but it becomes an absolute necessity during the summer months. Dry skin ends up cracking and peeling which is not the most attractive of looks. The sun often dries out your skin which is made worse by going in and out of water or to the beach. Dry skin can lead to blotches and itchiness, ending any chance of a summer romance. So hydrate your skin, moisturize all over and give Pierre a something sweet to hold onto during your holiday fling.

4. Waterproof makeup

With summer holidays come swimming pools and the beach both of which can affect your makeup choices. You have to think about the water, the wind and of course, the fear of bearing your makeup-free face in public. With regular makeup there is also the chance of black eyes from running mascara and what can only be described as an angry rash around your mouth caused by your red lipstick. Fear not as there are now lots of waterproof foundations (make sure they have SPF protection too), blushers, mascaras and lipsticks for you to choose from. What’s not to love?

5. Sudocrem

Perfect for cooling burns, easing cuts and preventing spots, Sudocrem is a must for all those heading off or staying at home for the holidays. It is an antiseptic healing cream that anyone can use for things such as eczema, spots, sores, grazes, sunburn and acne. Easy to apply and cheap to buy, Sudocrem is a summer holiday necessity – and a staple of Irish homes for donkey’s years!

Have your say on our summer holiday makeup must-haves by leaving us a comment. We’d love to hear your top holiday makeup tips and stories.