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04th Sep 2023

American chain Bath & Body Works is coming to Dublin very soon

Bath & Body Works

BY Katy Thornton

Big news. HUGE!

For many years, one of the main draws to a trip to America is the shopping opportunities.

We could only get the likes of Victoria Secret, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and other goodies when hopping on a flight to the States, but one by one, each of these stores have made their way over to Ireland.

One that hasn’t is the fragrance retail giant Bath & Body Works, which has long entranced us via American beauty influencers showing off their candles and shower gels, lamenting the lack of smell-ivision.

While smell travelling through a screen is still a few years in the future (if not decades), it won’t be necessary for long where Bath & Body Works is concerned, as a Dublin location is set to launch.

One eagle-eyed TikTok user (@isabellenihan) shared a video on social media, showing a sign in the window of NEXT on Henry Street that says the beloved store is coming to our fair city very soon.

Bath & Body Works are known for their candles, hand sanitisers, and fragrances, stocking everything to keep you and your home smelling beautiful.

While you can already shop select items from Bath & Body Works on NEXT’s Irish website, there really is nothing like sampling these goods in person.

So far we have no word on when the Dublin Bath & Body Works is set to launch, but the sign says coming soon, which makes us think their grand entrance will come sometime before the Christmas season.

One can only hope, it will make Christmas shopping a lot easier.