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11th Oct 2021

80s blush is trending and we can see why

The ’80s are back, baby.

While I have a soft spot for blush, I understand that it’s not for everyone.

Some struggle to know where the best place is to apply a rosy glow, while others, worry that too much blush can be overkill, particularly if their complexion tends to be naturally red.

However, a blush trend that was popular in the ’80s is experiencing a resurgence among beauty bloggers, and to be honest, we can understand why.

As well as being objectively beautiful (as illustrated by @beckymooremakeup and @angeliquernal, below), you’re unlikely to smudge it while wearing a mask – essential for the times we live in.

The technique involves applying blush not directly on the cheeks, but higher up on the face, closer to the eyes.

One TikToker to explain the allure of this trend is the MUA Scortezz Beauty.

In his video, which has now amassed over 480,000 likes, Scortezz breaks down the technique.

He begins by explaining his lack of enthusiasm for conventional blush wisdom, namely the suggestion that we smile, put our brush on our cheek and then relax the cheek before spreading it out.

He says: “What happens is your cheek drops, and it’s [the blush] is gonna just drop and make you look saggy.”

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Instead, this MUA sees the appeal in a classic makeup look.

“I personally believe that the ’80s style makeup is the best makeup of all time,” he adds. “And one of the most iconic staple part of the ’80s was the blush.”

Firstly, he insists that you use a loose, soft brush, one that splays out. He then gets into the method.

“What you’re going to do is go into your temple upwards, and then out towards your nose, you’re not going to go past your eye.”

He continues: “Tiny little bit on your forehead, just underneath your bronzer, and then right across your nose.

“Obviously, I’ve used colours that are really intense, so you can see it on camera, but try this out and let me know what you think”.

There you have it. Fed up with blush on your cheeks? Head north, and channel that ’80s beauty.