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25th Mar 2018

8 celebrities who prove that good brows change everything

Orlaith Condon

We have all been there.

There is no hate here – we’ve all gone through a bad brow stage at one point or another and it’s never pretty.

From the super thin brows of the 90s to the over-arched look that grew popular in the 00s, we’ve all fallen victim to an over-tweeze and know how long it takes to recover from it.

Yes, close-up mirrors and bad lighting left us trying to make the best of the 9 hairs we had left above our eyes and the look now lives up there on the list with some of our worst over the years.

However, after years of proper maintenance, investment in good quality grooming as well as some killer products, our brows have returned to their former glory (just about) and we couldn’t be prouder.

So, think of this as a standing ovation to these women who went through it with us, but did it in front of the world’s gaze, and have come back with bigger and better brows than ever before.

1. Lauren Conrad


2. Gwen Stefani


3. Angelina Jolie


4. Drew Barrymore


5. Megan Fox


6. Michelle Obama


7. Nicole Richie


8. Jessica Alba